Triple-A games and the future of crypto gaming

by Andrea Ferrario
16 December 2023


With the recent news in the NFT and crypto gaming worlds regarding the metaverse, FOMO has started for projects related to these worlds. Let's delve into them together.

With the recent news in the NFT and gaming worlds regarding the metaverse, the FOMO for projects related to these worlds coming out in the next few years has begun.

In this lecture we will delve into some of the most relevant metaverse projects.

All of the games listed below are considered“AAA” (or triple A) terms in the gaming world to describe projects with a large processing team and a large budget dedicated to marketing and development.

All three games also are developed using Unreal Engine 5 technology, a graphics engine developed by Epic Games that is famous for its realism and power.

Star Atlas

Star Atlas is an Open World metaverse MMO set in the 2620s developed on the Solana blockchain (useful within infrastructures such as this for its speed and low fees).

Three main factions will be present within the game: Humans, Androids, and Aliens.

The game will be based on mining and trading between players, every item within the game (terrain, spaceships, upgrade modules, space stations and more) will be NFT, divided by rarity.

The native token, ATLAS, will be the trading currency within the game and within the NFT marketplace, and it will be possible to earn ATLAS with quests and play-to-earn modes yet to be announced.

Star Atlas2

They have a very ambitious whitepaper, with future implementations for cross-chain universe zones, VR technology and nft creator for players. In short, it is a project still in the early stages of development, in fact only artwork and some footage, including the first trailer, have been presented.

But this has not stopped fans (already over 200,000 on twitter) who have invested in the NFTs already on the marketplace, at the moment only spaceships, from December 31, 2021 it will also be possible to buy the first infrastructure.

It is possible to see within the marketplace the number of players registered in each faction and the total asset value of each.

Star Atlas is definitely a project to keep an eye on in the coming months because it may still be too early to be an investment considered close to launch.

Star Atlas3

Official Trailer: Star Atlas – The Trailer ✨ – YouTube

Project Quantum

Project Quantum is an Open World shoot and loot MMO based on play to earn and selling NFTs via their native QBIT token, which will be supported on the Binance Smart Chain.

This game will also be set in space.

Unlike Star Atlas it will not be considered Metaverse, but more like games such as the Destiny saga or Warframe, with characters or races of their choice, campaign missions, co-op and pvp activities.

They will in fact have a class choice that will determine the differentiation of drops within the game, which can be sold within the marketplace.

They are currently in the development phase of game mechanics and environments in collaboration with Dragons Lake Entertainment development, a development team famous in recent months thanks to Outriders.


Metaverse MMORPG play to earn and learn to earn developed on the Cardano blockchain where each player, upon entering the game, will have a private floating island inside a bubble, with a club and two trees.

The goal of the game is to go to work, do quests and trade within the Islands: social and communal zones for players where there will be towns, marketplaces and land that can be bought and/or rented.

These islands will be present in large numbers and will have themes (pirates, space, farm, etc.).

There will also be university islands where you can earn money by learning the workings of crypto technologies and finance.

This game, unlike the other two, will support different blockchains from the first months after launch, thus creating a cross-chain metaverse that can adopt the revolutionary technologies of different blockchains and unite them.

NFTs will play a key role in the game, as it will be possible to obtain them directly in game or by transferring them from other third-party platforms within the game.

It will be a game suitable for all types of players as it will provide different categories of quests and mini-games to please both casual-gamers and hardcore and professional players.

The aim of the game will essentially be to any metaverse, expand and improve one’s home or land.

Floating islands, which are considered players’ homes, will also be able to be put up for sale as NFTs.

There will also be access to an NFT creator and a COPI native token staking service.

Introduction Trailer: Introducing the Cornucopias Bubble Metaverse… Your Island Awaits – YouTube

Author: Andrea Ferrario

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