Lit.: “2 Factor Authenticator Code”; in eng: “Two-factor authentication code”; this is a security level

Alphanumeric string obtained through asymmetric encryption functions starting from the public key. The address is public and known to all and is used to receive cryptocurrencies.

Token distribution by the founding team of a cryptocurrency/cryptoasset. The tokens are delivered free of charge to all holders of the crypto or conditional on some type of activity (e.g. the promotion of the crypto on a social network).

Acronym for: “Alternative Coin”; i.e. any cryptocurrency or cryptoasset other than Bitcoin.

In the decentralized financial world we mean a margin of guarantee for the sum borrowed.

Anything that can be traded on the financial markets: stocks

Also called key pair encryption

A system in which is called asynchronous

Theme song: “All Time High”; referring to the price of an asset

Theme song: “All Time Low”; referring to the price of an asset

Acronym for: “Assets Under Management”; in ita: “Assets under management”

Lit.: “Bear Market”; in the crypto sector this refers to that phase of significant decline in prices which lasts 1 or 2 years after the end of the bull market.

Unpredictable event of large scale and high severity that produces negative or very negative effects on society; eg: the Covid-19 pandemic caused panic to spread among investors which produced a collapse in prices in all financial markets in March 2020.

Blockchain is a technology belonging to the DLT (Distributed Ledger Technology) family. A blockchain is a distributed digital ledger

Blockchain fork refers to a particular type of fork (division of the chain into two branches) which occurs when two new blocks (A and B) are presented at the same time and the chain forks. In these cases, you will have a network divided between those who have a version of the chain that ends with block A and those who have a version of the chain that ends with block B. Each blockchain must take this possibility into consideration and propose a solution to this problem .

One of the main criticisms aimed at blockchain that

Expression indicating the end of the bull market with the rapid and parabolic increase in prices of an asset or asset class

This is a cyber attack

Acronym for: “Binance Smart Chain”; referring to the Binance blockchain implemented to develop De-Fi and marketplaces for NTFs.

Trandig View Ticker of Chart Illustrating Dominance

Theme song: “Buy The Dip”; lit.: “Buy the dip”; typical behavior in bull markets where you buy during price corrections

Theme song: “By The Way”; lit: “Anyway” or “In any case.”

Lit.: “Bull Market” or “Bull Run.” Expression also known in traditional finance

This is a protocol

The property of a distributed system to be able to resist the critical issues arising from the problem of the Byzantine generals

Centralization of power. A system in which there is reliance on a central authority is called centralized.

Broker that allows you to exchange fiat currency (euros

Literally “Circulating Offer” or “Available Offer”. It consists of the number of coins of a crypto that are available for purchase via CEX or DEX

In the IT field

Coin of a cryptocurrency or cryptoasset based on a specially dedicated blockchain on which to carry out transactions; eg: bitcoin and ether are coins.