Tezos | What it is and what it represents to the NFT world

by Andrea Ferrario
16 December 2023


Tezos by many accounts may seem like a second-rate crypto, but it may turn out to be one of the best NFT blockchains, let's see why.

Tezos by many accounts may seem like a second-rate crypto, but it may turn out to be one of the best NFT blockchains in the coming years, let’s see why.

What is Tezos

Tezos(XTZ) also called tez, is a Proof of Stake blockchain (based on staking and not mining) with on-chain governance that allows active participation on the future of the blockchain and the token itself.

Founded in 2014, it is based in Switzerland and is regarded as the green blockchain par excellence, offering a wide selection of services regarding DAPPs and NFTs, thus becoming an excellent substitute to Ethereum with low fees and minimal pollution.

In fact, the latter is due to the Proof of Stake, which allows one of the lowest power consumption of blockchains based on this system.

As can be seen from this data, the PoS blockchain allows for very minimal consumption.

Positive aspects

Now, it may look like one of many blockchains that are being developed in this area, but it actually has one of the largest NFT artist communities behind it.

Ethereum, while having all the success it deserves, has many downsides that do not allow the ordinary artist or someone who wants to approach this world to be able to get in without spending capital right away.

Tezos, on the other hand, with its minimal fees and zero-impact blockchain, allows entry even with a few dollars of initial investment.


The main marketplace in the Tezos network is objkt.com, which used to be Hic et Nunc, became famous around June 2021 for its complex and all-too-minimal UI, boomed during the summer and slowly declined until it was decommissioned due to various problems it had on the platform.

Objkt, on the other hand, is so extensive that it is considered the Opensea of Tezos.

Within the platform it is possible to view nfts created on many different marketplaces and also allows for auctions and collection creation.

In fact, the first collectibles are starting to go live on this network, achieving record sales on the blockchain.

Tezos is therefore paving the way for NFTs even for the most skeptical artists who frown upon Ethereum and its exorbitantly priced collectibles.


As far as NFTs are concerned, one is spoiled for choice. Objkt is such a wide platform full of possibilities that it allows you to find everything that suits you.

Paintings, collectibles, digital art, photography, 3D models, songs.

You simply choose what you like and get it.

The prices allow you to shop for art without having to sell a kidney on the black market, and moreover you can support your favorite artists with a small gesture, which will be worth more to them than anything else in the world.

Most recent collaborations

In early November RedBull Racing began a collaboration with the tezos network to create their first NFT collection.

Cambridge will pursue a project in collaboration with blockchain for a marketplace regarding reforestation and carbon credits.


The main wallets are Kukai and Temple. The first is a browser wallet, while the other is a browser extension, somewhat like Metamask. Both allow fast transactions throughout the Tezos network.

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Author: Andrea Ferrario

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