Big Time | The crypto game with a triple-A team

by Andrea Ferrario
16 December 2023


Could Big time really be the game that will introduce NFTs to the mainstream video game market?

1 – The development team

What makes this crypto-game special is not the graphics or the story, but the development team. The CEO of Big Time is none other than Ari Meilich, the founder of Decentraland.

The team is subsequently composed of developers, designers, and art directors who have worked for such prominent companies as Epic Games, Blizzard, EA, and Riot known for God of War, Fortnite, Call of Duty, and Overwatch.

2 – The Game

The purpose of Big Time is to unravel a hidden threat in the world of Big Time by taking on different adventures and missions in various space-time eras.

The time machine, an item that will be donated at the beginning of one’s journey within the game, will allow our character to be able to travel through time and tackle dungeons and quests.

The game will be both singleplayer and multiplayer, and we will have the option to choose which faction to play with:

  • Time Warrior
  • Chronomancer
  • Shadowblade
  • Quantum fixer

Each of these classes will have a dedicated weapon type and hundreds, or even thousands, of weapons available.

Quests will allow one to level up one’s character and obtain increasingly strong loot.

Big Time stipulates that each time a boss is defeated, players obtain NFTs that can be traded, rented or sold to other players.

3 – Tokenomics and NFTs

The developers’ main purpose is to create a kind of introduction to the crypto world and, in particular, NFTs even for all those players and developers who do not know what they are at all and who are not aware of all their possible applications.

Currently, the only NFTs for sale for this game are spaces, which are slots of space that allow one to expand one’s time machine so that one can insert various items acquired in the game and upgrades for the time machine itself.

the Early Access collection was also launched on March 7, 2022, which allows the user to invest in the game by purchasing passes of three different levels (jade, silver and gold) that allow the user to preview the game and receive other exclusive content.

As for the game token, the developers have been clear that there will be no pre-sales of the game token, but instead it will be driven solely by the community and thus the game itself.

The only way to obtain these tokens is to play the game.

In fact, the token will be obtainable by using a particular feature of the time machine, the Time Keeper, which can be placed within certain space slots of our time machine.

We will only have to pay this Time Keeper to obtain sand to be placed inside our hourglass which, if used, will allow us to obtain the game token by completing quests and defeating bosses.

The developers also confirmed that in the future will come an implementation for NFTs so that they can be transferred from the game to any wallet of different blockchains that will be made compatible with the game itself.



Author: Andrea Ferrario

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